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allumé(e) (adj.)
drunk lit: lit up

++ to fuck This sense has almost replaced the earlier one of "to kiss", which in contemporary French is "embrasser". Do not use "baiser" to mean "to kiss" if you don't want to be misunderstood!
bander (verb, intransitive)
to have a hard-on bander is commonly used for a bow drawn taut to let the arrow fly. Somehow the erect penis, hopefully hard, may have a similarity to a bow - just as in "tirer un coup" it is similar to a loaded gun. bander is not used with a direct object, but it can certainly be followed by a number of metaphors: bander comme un cerf (hard as a deer), comme un tigre (like a tiger). A particularly popular African wood with definite (and sometimes dangerous) aphrodisiac properties is know as "bois bandé". It is likely that in an intimate setting Abélard might have said to Héloïse "je bande pour toi" (i have a boner for you),and in the same setting she would be proud that he is "un bandeur", but in normal social intercourse it would not be considered appropriate to use any of those terms. However, the reverse would be quite possible: "débander", i.e., literally to become limp again, is also used metaphorically for "to chicken out". "Alors, mec, tu débandes?" - "Are you chicken?".
BCBG (noun phrase, used as an adjective, both genders)
prim and proper (literally). Prim and proper translates easily into bourgeois, upper middle-class, excessively formal, conservative,and, by and large, stuffy. French society hangs on to a large number of formalities that make the appearance of individuals (in terms of the language they use,the clothes they wear, the company they keep, the attitudes they affect)incredibly important. The proverb "l'habit fait le moine" (you judge the monk by his clothes, i.e.the book by its cover), although it can also be used in the negative (l'habit ne fait pas le moine)has some truth for most people. Female politicians, in particular, are expected to look very BCBG if they want to be successful...otherwise, they might be considered akin to fishmongers, using vulgar language like the first female prime minister, Edith Cresson, who was judged more by her appearance than by anything else...negatively, of course. Even though she was, on the whole, very BCBG, and only mimicked popular forms of speech.
Used to describe something very chic Acronym for "Bon chic, bon genre". Originally used to describe high fashion, or the ultimate in good taste. Now often used disparagingly to describe pretentious "yuppies".
bigornette (noun; fem)
+ cocaine/horse litt. translation: a fight. Prendre de la bigornette.
bite, bitte
+ cock, prick "Bitte" has the literal sense of "bollard".
bloblos (noun, feminine, plural)
+ large, fat, drooping boobs The word can be considered somewhat vulgar - except to males drooling on big-chested women who obviously have not chosen the artificial firmness of silicone. In fact, "bloblos" is a vulgarizing variation of a word found commonly in children's language, "lolos", the source of milk, commonly known as "du lolo". Songwriter Serge Gainsbourg made ample use of "les lolos de lola" in his songs about dreamgirl Lola Rastaquouère (obviously not his wife, Jane Birkin, considering herself the most flat-chested actress in show business).
bordel (masc. noun)
+ chaos, shit; literally 'brothel' better when preceded by 'putain de'
bosser (v)
to work Very commonly used expression referring to working at one's job.
pissed, drunk [buRe] A very commonly used variation of "ivre"
++ wanking (noun), masturbation
++ a wank, an act of masturbation
branleur, branleuse (noun)
+ wanker, insignificant or stupid person mildly offensive
brouter le cresson (verb)
to perform cunnilingus Literal translation: "to graze the watercress."

- poo, doo-doo Found in certain non-slang combinations such as "caca d'oie", a type of green.
cailler (v)
to be cold Esp. used in: Ça caille!: It's cold, or it's freezing! and, Putain, je me caille!: Shit, I'm cold!
casser la gueule à quelqu'un (phr.)
to beat the shit out of someone lit: to break someone's face Ex: Je casserai la gueuele à Jean -- I'm going to beat the shit out of Jean.
cette putain de machine
this fucking machine can be used in any phrase
charbon (noun, masculine)
coal "aller au charbon" is possibly to go down underground to mine it (which was common in several parts of France) or go to the cellar to bring some for the stoves, as was common until the 1940s in many places. Borrowed from the 19th century, the expression "aller au charbon" was used by former prime minister Raymond Barre, a very non-political politician recruited for his supposed economic skills, when president Giscard d'Estaing forced him to be a candidate in a district of Lyons - a town where he became an essentially absentee mayor a few years later, French politics being a mysterious interplay between local (i.e., unimportant) and national (i.e., supernatural) politics. "Aller au charbon", somehow, could have meant: going down to the level of "les charbonniers" (the coal-people), i.e. the vulgum pecus, me, you, and all the other voters who should have been flattered to have the president-proclaimed best French economist as representative.
+ pussy Refers to the female genitalia.
Chauve à col roulé (noun phrase, masculine)
+ The bald one with a turtleneck A large number of French males being uncircumcized, the analogy is obvious between the uncapped penile head with the folds of the foreskin pulled back under the tip, and a bald man wearing a turtleneck. Chauve should be pronounced somewhat like "shove" in English.
++ the runs, the trots Diarrhoea
++ to shit Also used in "tu me fais chier" ("you make me puke").
chinois (noun, masculine)
the Chinaman - i.e., a penis Is it because the opening at the tip is somewhat more like a slit than an actual hole? Whatever the cause, our Chinese comrades are often put to good use with the metaphor "se polir le Chinois" (to polish the Chinaman), for the very sweet act of giving yourself pleasure.
++ the bog (UK), the can (US)
cigare (noun, masculine)
dick Commonly used in phrases like "couper le cigare" (to circumcize, in kids' slang), "fumer le cigare" (to give a blowjob). The analogy can be pursued further in the latter case, as some women will not only be able to smoke the joint, but will also "avaler la fumée" (swallow the smoke, literally, obviously the semen). The comparison between the penis and a cigar can even be found in more literary circumstances: in a scene of the novel Le Temps des Anges by Swiss-French ewriter Catherine Colomb, a banker cuts the tip off a Cuban cigar with his teeth...and thinks about a Jewish friend of his.
cirer (verb, transitive)
to shine (shoes, floors) a common verb that was used in a cryptic way by the first female prime minister of France, socialist Edith Cresson, when she answered during a scrum: "la bourse, j'en ai rien à cirer" (the stock exchange, i don't have any use for it). It didn't help her political career, which was quite short, and convinced the French, who deep down are quite conservative, that she was too vulgar for the job. Especially when she accused the British of being usually gay, and the Japanese of being bastards.
clair comme dans le cul d'un negre
++ clear as negro's ass
clito (noun, feminine)
clit Apart from medical journals, noone uses the complete form "clitoris" for what most females consider the center of pleasure (unless they had the misfortune of coming from some African country where it's considered in poor taste to keep it). A young lady will not hesitate in requesting a reasonably good lover to give the little toy a tongue bath, as in "lèche-moi le clito, mec" (lick my clit, man). Some men will respond to such a request by "descendre à la cave", literally going down into the basement.
++ cunt Refers to the female genitalia.
++ cunt, bastard, wanker, etc Insult towards a man. Female form: "conne".
++ cunt, bastard, wanker, etc Insult towards a man. Female form: "connarde".
++ cunt, bitch, etc Insult towards a woman. No male form.
+ balls, bollocks Testicles.
cramouille (noun, feminine)
+ wet slit Commonly used when for some reason a male wants to use a slightly unpleasant noun for the genitals of a female - hopefully one he knows well, unless he really despises her. It insists on the wetness of the slit that graces women's bellies, as "mouille" in "elle mouille" (she's getting wet).
arse (US ass), bottom Not as strong as in English as this word is also used non-offensively to mean the bottom of an object.

dans les vignes du Seigneur
to be drunk lit: in the vines of the Lord.
de merde
++ bloody, fucking Used after a noun as an intensifier. Eg: "putain de merde!" ("fucking hell!").
doudounes (noun, feminine plural)
tits There are numerous ways to call what the breasts of females. "doudounes" is a nice, relatively recent one (the 70s, the phonetically repetitive form probably influenced by the rise of creole words in European French). Other include: "les roberts", "les nénés", "les nichons". Swiss writer Alexandre Voisard, obsessed with breasts, even wrote a hilarious short story about "le club des Robert", where the double-entendre obviously comes from the fact that Robert is a common first name, but also known to all as a tit.
drague (noun, fem.)
looking for sex partners Literal translation: dredge. Gay slang for "cruising", "Faire la drague": go looking for sex partners. Used exclusively by gay men, not by straight men looking for women.
déconner (verb)
to trick, to jerk around Commonly used. Example of popular use: "Sans déconner!" meaning "No kidding!" or "No shit!"
to trick, to jerk around Commonly used. Example: "sans déconner!" ("no kidding!" or "no shit!")

emmener Popaul au cirque (verb phrase)
to take Joe Blow to the circus. Popaul (also known as Popol) loves the circus. Except Popaul looks a bit already like the pink trunk of a tiny elephant - in fact, just like a dick. For the circus,'s usually hidden at the junction of a lady's thighs. Needless to say, Popaul enjoys the circus immensely...just like kids watching clowns and tigers erupt in laughter.
emmerdant (adj)
+ intensely annoying Example of use: "Que tu es emmerdant!" ("You really piss me off!" (ie "You annoy me intensely")).
++ to bugger, to fuck Refers to anal sex only. Derived from "cul" (qv).
++ bastard, cunt, etc Insult used towards a man. Derived from "enculer" (qv).
++ bastard, shit, etc Same sense as "encule".
Enlève ta croute que je swingue dans l'pus (phrase)
++ Take your scab out, I'll fuck in the pus. It will shock litterally everyone within hearing distance. It is used as a comic sentence said to a girl from a man (or a lesbian).

a prostitute "Fille" is the normal word for "girl" or "daughter" but only if it is used with some kind of descriptive word as in "ma fille" (my daughter) or "une jeune fille" (a young girl). This piece of information might be of some importance if you should visit France. Not every dictionary mentions this fact!
fils de pute/putain
+ sonofabitch
flic (noun, masc)
police constable, cop
queen Term for a gay man, especially one who is effeminate. Literal meaning: "madwoman".
foutre (noun, masc.)
++ sperm, "cum" Derived from the verb "foutre": to fuck. Gay slang for shooting cum on someone during sex. "Donne-moi ton foutre" = Give me your cum. "Je veux lecher ton foutre" = I want to swallow your cum.
foutre (verb)
+ to bugger up, to screw up To ruin, to spoil. Examples of use: "On est foutu!" ("We're done for!", "We're finished!"); "La voiture est foutue" ("The car is knackered/buggered/fucked (US)" (ie beyond repair)).
++ to fuck Rarely used except in "va te faire foutre!" (qv). The preferred slang is "baiser" (qv).

gerber (verb)
+ to puke, barf, hurl
god(e), godemichet
gouine (feminine noun)
+ dyke A lesbian.
grogniasse (fem. noun)
woman synonym to pétasse, pouffiasse, greluche and femme. Not very nice, but in France, it should not be enough for receiving a slap.

to come Used in the sexual sense

keuf (n.m)
cop Urban language but don't say that to a cop...

la putain de ta mére
++ You'r mother is a whore as "fils de pute"
laisse be'ton
Let it drop! [lEs'beto~] Verlan version of "laisse tomber"
les Anglais (noun, masculine, plural)
the Redcoats (the Red Flag, etc...) French, as any other language, has numerous periphrastic and euphemistic expressions to indicate female menstruation, a phenomenon that our male-dominated societies, until recently, did not consider dignified enough to even mention in society. The image of blood leads automatically to "les Anglais ont débarqué" (the Redcoats have landed), which proves how much the French loved the English. Other potential phrases include "Ma tante Rose a débarqué" (Aunt Rosie's arrived), "j'ai mes fleurs" (i've got my flowers - roses, probably), "j'ai mes ours" (i've got my bears), or the flat and very BCBG "je suis indisposée", equivalent to "I'm sick" in English and "Ich bin krank" in German. To be fair, let's admit that Tampax and other tampons certainly changed the outlook on periods: until then, most women had to wear big chunks of linen between their legs, and male children were inevitably exposed to bloody rags in chamberpots or other sanitary fixtures, certainly reinforcing negative visions of menstrual blood.
livrer aux chiens (verb phrase)
+ to sacrifice to raving dogs the end of the Mitterand régime, after 14 years of presidency for François Mitterand, were definitely marred by an endless list of financial scandals, both left and right. Several politicians even went to jail. Mitterand's last socialist prime minister, an unpleasant and ambitious yes-man who had become a reasonably competent but politically cloutless Finance minister, Pierre Bérégovoy, took the sound beating of the socialists in 1992 as his personal defeat...and felt threatened when it was revealed that he had not only been involved in shady deals to please the president's friends, but also for personal gain (primarily, an apartment in a luxury district of Paris, symbol of success for him, as the only member of the socialist elite who really had no advanced degrees and a popular origin). He committed suicide, and, in his funeral eulogy, the president launched into some stinging words against those who had "livré aux chiens" (thrown to the dogs) the "honor" of Bérégovoy. He meant, primarily, journalists.

MALPT! (Expletive)
Used to wish someone tremendous good luck Abbreviation for the phrase "Merde A La Puissance Treize!" which is translated as "Shit to the thirteenth power". Origin unknown. Used as a friendly term. Example: a friend of yours is about to take an exam. You would say "MALPT!" to wish him well!
maquereau (noun, masculine)
pimp although the official word is "proxénète", noone but the cops and the courts uses it. A pimp is "un maquereau", and, when female, "une maquerelle", even "la mère maquerelle". Un maquereau is of course, literally, a fish (mackerel). See also "merlan" et "morue", to see how seafood impregnated French popular language, probably because fishmongers (particularly the female) were considered to have as colorful a language as mule drivers: "un langage de charretier" (a cart-driver's vulgar speech) is no better than "une langue de poissonière" (a female fishmonger's speech).
mec, un (noun, masc.)
guy, dude, bloke Said to be the Verlan version of "homme." How reversing this word produces "mec," I don't know. It's very common, found in print and rap music as well as conversations.
melon (noun, masculine)
+ an equivalent of : a damn Arab! A melon is obviously grown in hot, Mediterranean climates. The metaphor is therefore easy to understand. There are numerous words for the group (albeit 5,000,000 strong) that racist French people despise as much as American racists despise(d) niggers at one point: "les bougnoules", "les bicots", "les ratons" - and, when they are of Arab origin and French citizens (the nightmare of fascist leader Jean-Marie Le Pen!), "les beurs", "les petits beurs", and their female counterparts, "les beurettes".
merde (noun, F.)
+ shit
+ crap(py), shit(ty) (adjs)
merlan (noun, masculine)
hairdresser another word of maritime origin. Not to be confused with un maquereau!
meuf, une
a woman, une femme [moef] This is the Verlan version of "femme". The syllables are reversed, and "eu" is added
morue (noun, feminine)
+ a low-level whore morue (originally cod), like "merlan" or "maquereau", is a word referring originally to fish. "la morue" was obviously the most common fish, from the Middle Ages on (the only one you could dry, salt, and keep for all those periods when you had to eat fish). furthermore, unwashed female genitals (and, from the 16th to the 19th century, washing was not a priority of most French people, rich or poor)definitely tend, after a few days, to smell in the not-so-refined way of not-so-fresh fish, be it cod or any other...
Mouffi ou Moufflarge
++ A real fucking dick like a son of a bitch!!!
moule (noun, feminine)
vulva Commonly used. More descriptive (the female external genitals look like an open mussel, and somehow smell like it)than insulting (like con or cramouille for instance). This term has of course led to a lot of humorous double-entendre, as in the late 19th century popular song "à la pêche aux moules, moules, moules, je veux m'en aller maman...". To be pronounced somewhat like "mool" for English speakers.
ménage a trois (noun)
+ threesome This term enjoys very popular usage in the States; pronounced "may-naj-sha-twa".

nique ta mère
++ fuck your mother very common in the suburbs, especially among migrant population. Can also be abbreviated as "Ta mèreŠ"
noune (common noun)
vagina, female genitals (Pronounced as noonn) commonly used as the word reffering to the female genitals. Used in a replacement for vulva in a normal non formal conversation.

oignon (noun, masculine)
onion - in fact, the ass or the asshole The reason for the analogy is probably that they're all round-shaped. L'oignon is therefore the equivalent of "le cul", and, just like it, we can consider the whole or the part: "lui carrer dans l'oignon", in slang, is to shove it in her (or alternatively his) asshole.

- dad
parachuter un senegalais (verb)
- to take a dump, crap, shit Local slang used in Bretagne. Literally, "to parachute a Senegalese."
Homosexual applied to men only. Very common use.
pipe (noun, f)
+ blowjob Faire une pipe: To give a blowjob
- pee, wee(-wee) "faire pipi": "to do/have a wee(-wee)/pee"
to pee, to piss More colloquial than offensive in French. Also used in senses such as "son nez pisse du sang" ("blood is pouring from his/her nose")
poilu (noun, masc.)
+ a man who is a stud, a real hunk Literal translation: hairy, shaggy. Gay slang for men with hairy chests or with moustaches or beards.
polichinelle (noun, masculine)
a puppet - in this case, a duck although "un polichinelle" will be used in an amused way to indicate a kid, the full original expression is "elle a un polichinelle dans le tiroir", i.e. the equivalent of "she's got a duck in the oven" other words, she's pregnant. Just like periods were only referred to in an oblique way, well-bred people did not say about a woman (until the 1950s) that she was pregnant, except maybe for country folk who might have used "elle est grosse" as for animals. "Elle est dans une situation intéressante" was quite common until the 1940s. "Elle attend un bébé" would even have been too crude for children: they might have known that "les bébés" were not born in "les choux" (cabbages), or brought by "les cigognes" (the storks). Between males, however, crude speech was required...and "elle a un polichinelle dans l'tiroir" was, and still is, a common way to indicate that a lady is pregnant.
pouffiasse (n.f)
++ bitch, hore Very rude : use it to talk about some (bad) girl but never say it to the (bad) girl herself !
poulet (n.m)
cop (litt. : chiken) Cops know this word but hate it !
pousse-crotte (masc. noun)
++ push-shit homosexual - for men only :-)
prendre son velo
plonger (dans l eau) // to dive into the water (Didier est ce vraiment bien serieux??)
+ whore, tart, hooker Also used as an insult towards a woman.
++ bitch, cow, etc Derogatory term for a woman.
++ bloody hell!, fucking hell! As an interjection.
++ bitch, cow, etc Derogatory term for a woman. Short form of "putain".
++ whore Short form of "putain"
pédale (f), serin (m), grande folle (f), tapette (f), (all nouns)
They are synonyms of queer, gays, homosexual. Commonly used words for homosexuals. The word in parentheses refers to the gender. Note that the "grande folle" refers more to a drag queen.
queer, poof Variant of "pede" (qv).
+ queer, faggot Derogatory term for a gay man.
péter (verb)
to fart When conjugated, this verb takes the grave accent in the "je/tu/il/elle/on/ils/elles" forms, but NOT in the "nous/vous" forms, e.g., "Je pète" but "Vous petez." The verb "répeter" has an acute accent on the first syllable and should be pronounced that way; otherwise, the unwary foreigner will utter "Repetez, s'il vous plaît," which means "Please fart again" instead of "Répetez, s'il vous plaît," i.e., "Please, repeat [that]."
péter plus haut que [son] cul (expression)
to have an inflated opinion of oneself. Literally, to fart higher than [one's] asshole Mon prof pète plus haut de son cul.= My teacher's opinion of his own abilities is exaggerated. See "péter."

+ prick, cock Literal meaning: "tail" (cf Latin "penis" meaning "tail").

ramoner (verb, transitive)
to sweep the chimney - i.e., to screw the in-out movement of the penis into the vagina or the rectum is of course a natural metaphor for the movement of the chimney-sweeper's brush, as it goes up and down the chimney at the end of its rope or long rod. The phrase "en avant, Simone, c'est moi qui ramone!", although playing on the rhyming sounds of Simone and ramone, does not necessarily, however, indicate intercourse: it's basically a way to say "let's go!" with a little phonetic twist. Where the French use "ramoner", Acadians use "râper" (to grate), which has little to do with a tougher quality of genitals due to the Maritime climate of Eastern Canada, but the movement of "va-et-vient", coming and going, associated with the grating of potatoes for "la râpure". See Acadian/Cajun dictionary for additional details.

salop / salaud
+ bastard
+ bitch, slut
se branler
++ to wank, to masturbate Literally "to wobble oneself".
se palucher (verb, reflexive)
to give yourself a hand job This one is easy: most verbs relating to male (and sometimes female) masturbation, unless they are elaborate metaphors (see "chinois" for one)are reflexive verbs, the very example of the poor definition French grammars give of reflexive verbs: an action performed by the subject upon himself. The most standard verb is therefore "se masturber", followed by "se branler", but "se palucher", based on "paluche" meaning hand, comes close as a common form for what priests and conservative psychologists came to call l'"auto-gratification" (self-gratification) during the 1950s.
service trois pièces (noun phrase)
three piece combo it isn't hard to figure out what the three pieces are: the prick and its two balls. It is another version of "la veuve et les deux orphelines", i.e. the normal male genital apparatus. The word "service" in this case is a metaphor borrowed from table vocabulary (utensils, tea or coffee cup with cream and sugar).

queen Derogatory term for a gay man.
teuf (f.)
party This is the Verlan version of "fe'te". The syllables are reversed, the final "e" is dropped and "eu" is added in place of of "e'".
tirer (verb, transitive)
to pull or to shoot The most common regular meaning of "tirer", i.e. to pull, can be found sometimes in popular phrases like the reflexive "se tirer la queue" (to pull on your putz). Most common, however, is the metaphor of a weapon shooting. Men are known to be fond of "tirer un coup" (to shoot their load), usually in an amorous battle on female battlegrounds. "Tirer" is sometimes used alone; it can also be used with other objects, like "tirer sa crampe" (literally, shooting to end your penile cramps). A bedroom may be referred to as "un champ de tir" (a shooting gallery). An unhappy pregnant lady may very well use it in a cynical way : "Oh, vous, les mecs, vous tirez votre coup, et vous vous foutez du reste" (You guys only want to shoot your wad and don't care about the consequences).
trick (noun, masc.)
+ a man with whom a gay man has had sex This word was adopted directly from the American slang "Trick" with the same meaning. Another example of "Franglais". The word is used extensively by Renaud Camus in his novel, Tricks.
tringle (feminine)
+ hard-on An erection. Used in the phrase "avoir la tringle" ("to have a hard-on"). Literal meaning: "rod".
tringler (verb)
+ to fuck (see tringle)
+ to fuck (see tringle)
trique (noun, feminine)
a boner la trique is a whipping instrument: "des coups de trique" could only be erotic in a sado-masochist context. Unless we take the word, as is taken metaphorically here, as in "la trique" (a fuck), "avoir la trique" (to be horny as hell), the obvious reference being to the hard and yet somewhat flexible qualities of the erect virile appendage. The same idea of a hard instrument, as in "rod" in English, appears in a word phonetically quite similar to "trique" : "la tringle" (a curtain rod), the verb "tringler" being commonly used as a transitive verb: "il l'a tringlée" (he fucked her), "se faire tringler" (to be fucked).
trou du cul (abrev : trou duc')
+ asshole Is said for a (male) person you consider as ridiculous or stupid. Handle with care !
turlute (noun, f)
+ blowjob

va t'faire enculer chez les Grecs! (verb phrase)
go get fucked up the ass by the Greeks! refer this one to the verb "enculer" (to fuck up the ass), but consider it primarily of use between males: ancient Greeks were considered the ultimate paederasts, valuing highly the man-boy sexual relationship (women being there for reproductive purposes only). no wonder, then, that when the French want to get rid of a real the ass, they're sending him to the Athens of antiquity!
va te faire foutre!
++ fuck off! Literally "go and get fucked!"
veuve (noun, feminine)
widow - a dick reduced to being wanked "La veuve" has several meanings in French, the two better known apart from its original meaning (a woman left alone because of the death of her husband, a common occurrence during the many wars of French history)being: a) the "guillottine", the machine made to cut heads at the time of the French 1789 Revolution, i.e a widow-maker; and b)the penis of a lonely man, reduced - like a widow - to solitary hand pleasures. Usually, "la veuve" can also be known as "la veuve poignet" (a widowed wrist, obviously the instrument of solitary bliss). She usually has two children, obviously fatherless, "les deux orphelines" (the two orphans), i.e. the poor testicles reduced to producing lonesome semen. Sometimes, however, a member of the female sex (or of any other persuasion) will come to the help of the poor triad and make "la veuve et les deux orphelines" as merry as can be.
viande a pneus (driving expression)
meat for tires pedestrian. Pretty obvious if you already crossed a street in Paris.

y'a du monde au balcon (verb phrase)
what a set of knockers! French females are usually rather petites, and thre ideal standard for tits remains the champagne cup - a rather small format, as opposed to the ample breasts found on American women, for instance. "Y'a du monde au balcon" indicates that she certainly has an ample chest to greet males with...It is somewhat analogous to "Es gibt Holz vor der Tür" (there's a pile of wood before the door) in German. There are unfortunately less refined ways to indicate that ample knockers do not correspond to the French small-tit standard: "c'est une vraie vache (laitière)" (she's a real cow!).

turd Used in the literal sense of a piece of faeces.

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